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The GREATEST Headphones for Travel, Studio Recording & Everyday


My ears are ALWAYS listening to something. In my mind, I live in two different worlds: ONE WITH MY HEADPHONES ON and dreadfully one without my babies wrapped around my ears.

Whether recording vocals at home or in the recording booth, traveling or out running errands, I always have a pair of headphones with me. Naturally, I’m happiest with a couple of loudspeakers around my ears. It takes me to a world where I feel the most alive, safe, understood. Feel me? I’m seriously OBSESSED.

Here’s how hardcore my headphone addiction is.

I could leave the house without my purse, but I’m okay if I have one of my go-to pairs of headphones. I’d even pick it over my coveted lip gloss and if that isn’t love...

A significant part of the Brit Fox Studios mixing test is how it feels in the headphones. Therefore, choosing the right earbuds is essential to any serious recording artist, producer, songwriter, and ultimately, any music lover. A bonus, all the headphones I use every day are under three hundred bucks!! Super affordable, chic & classic. How solid is that?

From home studio audio monitoring to ‘buds that travel with you on your next getaway here is my absolute favorite (& so affordable!!) headphones of all time!!


3 Must Have Headphones under 300 graphic (1).png

Reasonable price and EXCEPTIONAL SOUND are only a couple of reasons why I’ve had my Audio Technica ATH-M50x for years now. Does your phone always ring nonstop when you’re in the studio? With these studio headphones don’t let the vibration of your phone interrupt your vibe. Since ATH-M50x has a circumaural design, it allows the highest isolation on the market while providing fantastic sound quality! Have a stronger, further, extended frequency range - which is pretty much A MUST for the female vocalist. For professional studio monitoring headphones they are one of the most comfortable I’ve ever felt.

price under $150


Just because I leave the studio doesn’t mean I want to lose the emotion tied to the last vocal session. That’s why I’m so glad for airpods!! I have an instant Bluetooth connection in a compatible wireless headphone set with nearly 6 hours of battery life. Perfect for the gym, running errands hanging around the house yet lightweight enough to slip in your bag.

price under $150


I have a sweet, soft place in my heart for this pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 II . They help me out tremendously when I don’t have the luxury of being in the studio. Once I put these babies on, I MEAN BUSINESS. The noise cancellation is SO FREAKING AMAZING - you seriously get transported into another dimension of sonics with these.

Did I mention the noise-canceling yet?!

On an airplane, you can zone out in the comfort of your music space while hearing your audio crystal clear.

price under $300

Do you swear by any other headphones? lmk

peace & good audio

~ Brit