Music Production: Sounds from My Studio in Cleveland

Music production begins with you the artist. Lets talk about your next music production and what you want it to be.


We start with the pre production meeting. It could start with an email or phone call, but ideally we want to be in the studio, so we can listen to some of the sounds that have inspired you to make your next music production. What will the tempo be like, and what sort of instrumentation. We want to start in the right direction with a clear vision of your creative taste. So let’s begin the next creative journey together!  

Beginning Tracking the Instrumental

With a clear vision of the sonic flavors we’d like to incorporate, let’s start adding the right ingredients to get a rough version of your track. This is usually done separately, and a few different ideas will begin to form and we choose the best sounds for your production, selecting the best samples and instruments to cook up an awesome rough draft. Music rarely ends on the first take, and the process of creating the perfect song for you,

Refining track

At this point we need to decide what the final steps to take to finalize the instrumentation and track the vocals and final elements of the track. A scratch vocal or placeholder vocal may be used until the final vocal session is scheduled. What special elements could be added, or are there any special effects or additional parts that might be part of the the final mix? Sometimes the best idea is to remove a part. Cutting out an element for a portion of the track is a great way to change things up, or maybe a key change or extra bridge part, intro or outro. We know just the right sounds to make your next production awesome.

Tracking and Editing

Additional tracking and editing, including the final vocal track or any solos or special punch ins or ad libs you might want to add gets done once the final instrumental and effects tracks have been finalized. We listen back and do any editing or comping of tracks, and select the best takes and best tone for each track, including beginning determining the setting the EQ, bass and treble balance and stereo width.

Mixing and Mastering

The track is mixed down and each element is finely tuned to perfection. If the there are any parts that need EQ or Dynamics adjustments, we bring the levels up on what you need to hear, and bring any parts down that need to be in the background, focusing on the important elements of your song. Through further refinement, we create the perfect mix, and then add any final volume or tone adjustments with mastering.

Contact Me To Talk about your next Project. I’m excited to hear new music!