Hip Hop Music Production with Brit Fox of Brit Fox Recording Studios

Lets take your Rap or Hip Hop creations to the next level in the studio or online with our online mixing services. Whether you're an artist, a beat maker, or a producer, or songwriter, or vocalist, I’d love to hear your songs.

Music production and Beat Making

Songwriting is at the heart of any hip hop instrumental. Similar to life, if a song doesn't have any variation beats might sound flat or uninteresting.  With my special composition, songwriting and beat-makers tools, I have a selection of samples and special effects to add to your tracks, as well as producer tags and audio tags and samples to spice up your music production.

Drum Beat

Drums and Percussion Elements like kick drum, snare, claps, high hats, or other samples have become the core elements of hip hop beat production. Many of these sounds traditionally came from Drum Machines and MPC samplers such as the iconic 808s of  80s and 90s. Nowadays we use samples and MIDI programming original patterns with programs like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Ableton, or Reason to make beats and music composition with computers.

Instrumental Beat Creation and Music Production

In the recording and production studio, we use samplers and synthesizers (like an Akai Controller). And DAW tools to emulate systems like E-MU Systems SP-1200, AKAI MPC300 or different 808 or 909 samples. We have the freedom to use any of the pre-recorded sounds, and blend them with different samples and tracks of synthesizers.

I like to add a line of stabs or percussive staccato notes, or use strings or pad sounds to create layers of sound textures, using sounds and samples from many different sources.

Vocal Recording in the Recording Studio

We do vocal recording as the finished polish to our project. After the instrumental is produced, we are ready to record in the recording booth or in the studio. We use the highest quality studio microphones and equipment, and do several takes to choose the best parts for your final mix. We use mics like Slate Digital ML-1 ML-2 or Neumann u87 or u47 to record the most high end sounding vocals possible. From the raw quality of the recorded tracks, we can mix down the sounds to make the perfect beat instrumental for your music production that is ready for digital music marketplaces and listeners and fans everywhere.