Tracking and Recording Vocals or other Instruments in my Recording Studio

Tracking and Recording Vocals or other Instruments in my Recording Studio


Recording Vocals in My Recording Studio

Recording vocals starts with the best equipment, and ends with your best take. I record vocals in my recording studios near cleveland, where I help showcase the best talent and help inspire others to tell their story, within creative and high quality recordings and professional editing and mixing.

Let’s get warmed up..

...and get ready to record in my cozy studio near Cleveland. Vocal recording is my specialty, and whether it’s rap, hip hop, soul or R&B, we can contact to do your best take.

First, feel the emotion of the song to channel that in your performance. Recording vocals is the most vital. Often, it’s the last thing we do after all the instrumentation and beat has been worked out. After tapping into the right vibe, you can lay down your vocals. We believe in this time as the most optimal time to leave your legacy on the right note.

Recording Dialog, narration, Spoken Work, Audio Book, Podcast, ADR, Commercial Voice Over…

Don't think that I just record music, I can record your podcast, dialog for film or commercial TV production, audio book, radio show or any other spoken word, scripted voice over or other voice, vocal, or instrument recording in the recording booth.

Recording great music is more than just the right equipment…

Its an ear for music, and a taste for the right frequencies and notes that makes fine tuning a great vocal performance or instrumental recording sound great. We do vocal recording in the booth and provide feedback when it sounds good, and let you know when we think you can do better with friendly vocal coaching and vocal production tips.

Contact me for a session in our recording booth, or at Bad Racket Recording Studio